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We are proud to present the best adult stories ever written about group sex.
The Warthog stories are famous for being the most detailed, most
complete, and nastiest stories you will ever read.

With the permission of the author, please enjoy these stories!
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Note:   GBV = Gang Bang Virgin

GBV1 - Bobbie's Special Half-time

GBV2 - Gwen's First Taste

GBV3 - Christi's Big Performance

GBV4 - Lori's Risky Wager

GBV5 - Abby Gets Pulled Over

GBV6 - Jenny Takes a Detour

GBV7 - Kathy and my Frat Brothers

GBV8 - Tiffany's Filling Experience

GBV9 - Real Men Play Dolls

GBV10 - Belinda's Secrets

GBV11 - Suzy's Trainer

GBV12 - Sherry Proves Herself Worthy


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